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How I XSSed My Crush ;)

This post is all about how I used XSS to impress my crush so if you are not interested then stop reading this and get back to your work :)

*Let the story begin*

So few years ago when I was just chatting with some random people on facebook suddenly a random link appeared in message box.

The message was from her so I was obviously curious to know what that link was about. So next day I visited the link and then this page appeared :

When I saw this page I was like  "Holy fuck!!! This is what I wanted my entire life!!!!!"

So like a typical fool I entered all details and clicked on "Click to find out".
Now page was slowly loading and I was expecting the MAGIC to happen BUTTTTTTTT instead SHIT happened :

At this point = (She : 1 Me : 0)

Now I was like "What the f**k I ever did anything wrong with you???"

I was disappointed to know that I was fooled by a girl. No , Actually it was because she was the only prettiest friend I had that time and I don't wanted her to th…